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Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd. is a specialist rock drilling tools supplier importers & exporters for many years. By associating with many major producers & manufacturers of rock drilling tools and Cemented carbide tools manufacturers in all over the world. We professionally work at production, consultation & technical service of mining, quarrying, water well drilling, tunnelling, foundation & construction industries.

Robot Mining Equipments Pvt. Ltd. products cover chisel bits, cross bits, button bits, DTH hammers, DTH bits, drag bits, tapered drill rods, integral drill rods, semi-finished products for rock drilling tools (hollow steel, tungsten carbide and bit bodies), rock drills, miner lamps, pneumatic breaker tools, diamond core bits, many other related drilling consumables as well T.C. scraps

Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd. keeps wide channels for products resources and keep very close and solid partner relations with many top class manufacturers in these industries, which help us able to get very quality products with competitive pricing and deliver in a very short time. Most importantly, we have been trying our utmost to introduce and absorb the most advanced technologies and achievements of rock drilling tools industries all over the world to improve our products quality and lower our products cost.

Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd. integrates all best labor, technologies and materials resources in China, as well as other part of world after many years efforts. While, own to our excellent products quality and competitive pricing, more and more people are enjoying our products and service.

Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd. is introducing the best products made at competitive pricing to the world .

Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd. is providing the most professional and hearted service to every customer.

Robot Mining Equipments Pvt Ltd. is desiring to biuld a long term partner relationship with every customer.


Cemented Carbide, Tungustan Carbide Scraps


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